Bethlehem Cemetery

~ Serving Our Community Since 1865 ~

...our Spring Planting Program is being offered again this year.  Please click on the Amenities tab and select Spring Planting Program for details and to print an order form.

Located at 286 Kenwood Avenue, Delmar, NY


Office Hours:    Monday - Friday    9 am - 3 pm

Cemetery Visiting Hours:    Daily    7 am - dusk

...the Veterans Administration provides bronze or granite flush markers memorializing deceased veterans at no cost.  Please contact our office if you are interested in applying for a marker for your loved one.

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...the waterlines in the cemetery have been replaced and water is now available for your use.  The red water hydrants/spigots are located along  the main roadway between sections A and C, B and D, and G and F. There is also a hydrant located in PC2 close to the vault.

...all winter holiday decorations, as well as faded artificial flowers should now be removed from the lots.  Cemetery staff will remove and discard them as the spring cleanup is underway if the lot owners haven't done so.

...decorations are limited in the cemetery to small unbreakable items placed on the base or top of the headstone, and cannot be excessive. The area in front of the upright headstone may be planted with fresh or artificial flowers not to extend more than 18 inches from the base.  Small shrubs may be planted on either side of the upright headstone not to exceed more than 24 inches from the side of the base. Upright memorial lots may display on shepherd's hook no taller than 3 feet placed tight to the monument with a hanging basket.  Up to 2 plastic solar lights may be placed in the designated areas for planting.  Glass, candles, statuary, photos, balloons, rocks, plastic or stuffed toys, lights, greeting cards, china, or wind socks are NOT permitted at any time.  Edging, fences, bricks, or stones are also NOT permitted.

Did you know...

The Bethlehem Cemetery, established in 1865, remains a privately-owned not-for-profit cemetery.  We are governed by the Laws, Rules and Regulations of the New York State Cemetery Board.  The Board of Directors of the Bethlehem Cemetery Association is staffed by nine volunteers who oversee the administration, care, and upkeep of the cemetery. 

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns, as we are honored to assist our community in any way.