​​​​Bethlehem Cemetery

~ Serving Our Community Since 1865 ~

Headstones, tombstones, and gravestones are one of the oldest forms of funerary art memorializing a loved one dating back 50,000 years.  They are traditional for many cultures, usually made of stone, and placed at the head of a grave.  The deceased's name, dates of birth and death, as well as a personal message, prayer, or etching of an event or favorite item are generally inscribed on the stone.  As you walk through the Cemetery, you will find various depictions from iguanas to spaceships to lakefronts to portraits.

Section 3 of our Rules and Regulations states the following:

          Only one raised monument shall be allowed on a lot

          with 10'x10' or larger layout, and it shall be set in

          accordance with the general plan of the Cemetery, and

          shall conform to said plan in size and material.

          Sketches or designs of monuments, letter inscription

         and type of material must be approved by the BCA. 

         All monuments or makers must be constructed of first

         grade granite or bronze.

         There will be a charge for any memorialization where

         no burial has occurred (memorialization without interment).

         This charge must be received before any inscription will be


CENOTAPH - A cenotaph is a monument erected in honor of a person or group of people whose remains are elsewhere.  Our cenotaph is located in our Tribute Garden area located at the north side of Section F.  Please contact the office if you are interested in having a loved one's name placed.

MEMORIALIZATION WITHOUT INTERMENT/INURNMENT on a family lot - Bethlehem Cemetery's policy allows memorialization without interment on a family owned lot.  A fee is charged for memorialization without interment and must be paid in full prior to inscribing an existing stone or placement of a new stone.