​​​Bethlehem Cemetery

~ Serving Our Community Since 1865 ~

                                                                                         BETHLEHEM CEMETERY ASSOCIATION
                                                                                           Effective June 15, 2021 

INTERMENT AND DISINTERMENT                                                    

Adult*                                                                                                                         $840

Infant * (under age 4 years)                                                                                    $320                                                                                                              Cremated Remains*/**                                                                                           $455 
Disinterment (Non-cremation)***                                                                         $1,475
Disinterment and Re-interment w/in Bethlehem Cemetery***                       $1,840 
Cremation Disinterment***                                                                                    $605 
Cremation Disinterment and Re-inurnment w/in Bethlehem Cemetery***  $1020

Columbarrium niche opening*/**                                                                         $86    

*Includes $35.00 permanent maintenance trust fund allocation and other New York State Fees.
**There is a $5.00 out-of-State fee charged by New York State for cremations performed outside of New York State.
*** Remains must be recoverable as deemed by Bethlehem Cemetery Association.


Saturday charge, for all interments, special approval is required                                  $155
Contractor overtime hourly rate for Saturday interments after 12 noon                      $105 
Contractor winter burial preparation fee as necessary due to frost                              $255
Contractor winter interment fee on all burials from December 1 through April 1      $105

Memorialization without interment on family owned memorial                                    $305

Memorialization without interment on cenotaph as available                                        $305

Lettering permit fee for existing monuments (final date/inscription)                            $35
Memorialization right for columbarium niche, includes dealer costs                             $510

Vase unit approval/setting check where allowed                                                               $25
Replacement of columbarium niche front, excludes dealer cost, includes lettering layout      $155
Deed replacement or re-issuance (for original purchaser only, no affidavits required             $20

Lot transfer (third-party sales and family, both require affidavit)                                                 $155 

Affidavit of heirship                                                                                                                               $75

Geneology search (plus disbursements for photocopying & postage) per hour                        $25
Lot research fee with probing                                                                                                              $50 
Lot out of compliance work fee to set lot to rights                                                                           $130

Vault rent: winter storage per casket; for interments at Bethlehem Cemetery Only                 $210

Religious exemption from concrete vault/liner usage                                                                     $460                                                                                                                                                                    
NOTE: There are no interments on Sundays or holidays.  Additional charges from independent contractors may apply on any of the above and will be charged accordingly.

NEW INTERMENT RIGHTS/TITLE                                                                                    Sections     A - D               F & G

Single grave with interment right for one                         3'4"x10'                                              $1,200              $2,000
A quarter lot with interment rights for one to three      10'x10'                                                 $2,700             $3,000
A half lot with interment rights for one to six                 10'x20'                                                 $5,400             $6,000
Each additional interment right where available on a family lot, all sections                         $500                $500
Single niche in-ground right in Section F only                                                                                  ---                 $700
Companion niche in-ground interment rights (2) in Section F only                                             ---                  $1,350
Columbarium burial right for one                                                                                                     ---                  $1,750
Second columbarium right on existing niche                                                                                  ---                  $500 


Foundations                                                                     $200 / sq. ft. 
Veterans marker                                                              $225 each
Flush & bevel markers                                                    $400 each
In-ground cremation niche marker                              $100 each
Corner markers                                                               $50 each
Foundation removals                                                      Contractors fee plus 30%
Bench foundations                                                          $200 / sq. ft.; as approved by Bethlehem Cemetery Association 

NOTE: The above fees are subject to change by Bethlehem Cemetery Association Board of Directors and NYS Division of Cemeteries/NYS Cemetery Board approval.